PAUL DOOLEY (Uncle Ned/ Defense Attorney/ The Empress Eugenia, Assorted Townspeople and Himself.)
          Mr. Dooley has had a long and storied career on Broadway, having made his debut to critical acclaim as the homicide detective in “The Caucasian Chalk Outline.”
          A versatile performer, he was seen last season as the pervert in “Sunday in the Park with Strangers,” directed by the brilliant Mario Peccadillo. His resume also includes a string of successful comedies…too humorous to mention.
          Unlike many actors who can claim a rags-to-riches story, Paul Dooley came from an affluent family, thus born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  He did not speak until the age of three (possibly because of the spoon.)
          Showing talent at an early age, he joined an acting company in which young children played all the roles in theatre classics. He received kudos as Li’l Stanley in “ A Streetcar named Desire”; standing ovations for his Wee Willy Loman and his teeny tiny Lear is still talked about.
        Washed-up at the age of twelve, Dooley realized that to continue in the theatre, he needed formal training. Rejected by the Actor’s Studio, he won a scholarship to HADA (Helsinki Academy of Dramatic Arts) where he played roles in “Anjost!”, “Kli Embrollen”, “Benorg Vin Tolljoost”, and “Annie.”
         A dedicated scholar of stagecraft, Paul set off for Japan where he observed the ancient Kabuki theatre and the famous Japanese Noh theatre (whose actors are traditionally chosen in a Noh Talent contest).
             Dooley then took time off from his theatre research and spent the next four years searching for his biological stepmother.
         Continuing his career as an adult, he ventured Off-Broadway finding roles in the Theatre of the Absurd, the Theatre of the Ridiculous, and the Institute for Idiots. In that experimental environment, Mr. Dooley found his muse. His singing and dancing enchanted audiences in the musical “Slugs!” His next triumph was in “Triple Entendre” where he played the pivotal part of First Entendre.  After several seasons he garnered nearly all the Off-Broadway awards—winning an Obie, an Abie, a Doobie, and an Arby.
         A dedicated thespian, he has also appeared with myriad regional companies including Chicago’s Goodman-is-hard-to-find Theatre, where he learned Yiddish for the family drama, “Enough Already!”  Then north to Alaska and the Little Theatre by the Glacier for the heartwarming (and global warming) comedy “We Need More Ice." Farther afield he traveled to Australia to appear in “Come Back Little Boomerang.”
         No stranger to the silver screen he appeared on film as the overweight convict in “Glutton for Punishment,” the nervous shortstop in “Re-arranging Testicles,” and will next be seen starring with Bruce Willis in “Die Hard with a Battery.”
           He would like to dedicate this performance to his acting teacher…Professor Irwin Corey.